The coffee kit.

- Coffee machine : Aeropress go + paper filters
- 2nd filter : GSI java drip
- Grinder : Porlex mini
- Aeropress 14G measuring spoon
- Mug : GSI bugaboo 14oz

The coffee kit, about it :

- I had a Trangia kettle for a long period. But shape wise, it forces me to have a pot where it can fits in. Considering that I use it only for the coffee water and that not much can sneak inside, it's quit bulky for what it is.
- But I needed to find a solution as coffee is my holy ritual and didn't want to boil up my water in a yesterday's noodle soup pot.
- Had a V60 as well, which is incredibly good considering price and weight. Although it's bulky, the handle makes it easily fitting out of bags. But as a pour over system it needs a proper kettle. The trangia was clearly good enough, but a duck neck one would do a much better job.

- SO ! I use now an aeropress go, the new travelish model of the famous coffee press. I'll review it properly later, but I'm clearly in love. Fast, easy and gives a daily clean cup. Probably the best option for travellers.
- And this mostly because I don't need a special kettle to do a technical pour over as with a V60, the grinder fits inside. And on top, using a reverse technic, I can boil the water in the cup who will later receive the coffee in.
- Having this aluminium GSI cup allows me to use it as a pot. Then I pour the aeropress and wait the coffee to brew, then reverse it into the cup and press ! 
- So basically, almost all the coffee gear fits in the mug, who will fit the pot.
- The porlex mini is in my humble opinion, the best option as a grinder to carry on. The other brands I had broke after a short period as I mainly drink light roast and honey process. This one looks strong enough to carry on for quit some time. Well, I hope so. And it's probably the lightest and more compact you could find. Well, I love it. And it fits in any aeropress.

- I keep my spare filter, the GSI javadrip. Would be a mistake to get rid of it. Super light and compact and efficient enough. If you run out of paper filter, if you need a bigger cup or if you got some sweet company on morning, this is the perfect answer.
- On top, in less than 10 minutes you can do a deep and floral cold brew with an aeropress.

Advise :

- Make sure your mug is wide enough to stand on your stove if you boil the water in it.
- Anodised aluminium is probably the best mug option considering weight, heat, price.
- You need a fairly strong and good quality grinder if you are more into light roast beans as the process is shorter and beans stronger after roasting.
- GSI javamill is clearly not to advise. Cheap and small and light. But way too flimsy.

What might change :

Inchallah nothing anymore !I still use paper filter tho, so I'll probably get the steel filter instead.

A story a day :

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