The  room & wardrobe kit.

- Sleeping bag : Cumulus lifeline 400
- Mattress : Decathlon trek 700L
- Liner : 10YO Decathlon silk bed liner
- Tent : MSR elixir 2 + footprint
- Foam mat : 120cm cut thermarest ridgerest

The mechanic kit, what about it :

I think it's all based on simple facts. The only problem I'm able to solve on the side of the road is small and basic problem. For which I don't need much tools.
- If it gets more serious, I'll probably need more than what I can bring in my bike anyway.
- So, except a few exceptions who could very unlikely happen, I want to make the kit as light and compact as possible.
- Also, I consider my experience and where I cycle through. Most of the time, is a village or a city nearby. And all of them, almost, have a small bike/scooter shop who can fix bigger problems.
- If I need to move further for some spare parts or to weld something, I keep in mind that a bike is easily dumpable on a bus, train or pickup.
- Is no problem if I can't find a solution.
- I love the leatherman
. Small and light, but solved already a couple of issues.
- A multi tool is good in a way, but I use half of the tools. So I might try to find a solution in the future.
- Spare cables are not necessary but well, easy to pack so I keep it in case.
- Tubes are wrapped in plastic because I try to store them out of bags like strapped on the frame.
- Electrical tape is a basic thing but again, can solve quit a few problems.
- A good pump is an important point to me. Can't complain of mine, good enough !

What might change :

I'm actually quit satisfy of my kit. It's minimalistic but I don't need much.
The only point would be the multitool would turn to be half useless as I don't use half of the tools in.

A story a day :

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