The kitchen

- Stove : Primus omnifuel + 0.6L bottle
- Pot : MSR ceramic solo pot
- Ustensils : Titanium spork +  Baladeo 27G knive
- 3 small containers for : sugar, oil and a mix salt/pepper
- A lighter rolled on electrical tape.
- Stinky Sponge
- Primus stove tool + spare jets
- 0,6L fuel bottle
wrapped in a windbreaker

kitchen kit bikepacking

The kitchen kit, what about it :

No question about the stove. Ideal. No matter how heavy it can be or whatever the down side you can find. I loved it every single day. Was a gift from my mum something like 6 or 7 years ago. Barely cleaned it and still goin' strong.

- The pan situation is still on the edge. I might get an other one, lighter and smaller. I do appreciate my morning eggs so..
- I'll maybe change the pot soon for a different shape. As I'll probably don't carry any kettle anymore, now I can got something smaller.

- Am thinking buying a pot who has a lid/pan, which will be more than enough for my daily use. But it's also money.
- Don't get me wrong, the MSR skillet pan is good ! I love it. But I can clearly reduce volume and wieght, so why not !
- I gave up the bowl cuz I barely use it. As a lazy ass, I eat straight in the pot to reduce the damn dishes...
- No much spices because I can't even say I cook. I boil up some water and heat some stuff, that's it.
- 0,6L fuel bottle is fairly enough for most of the situation. And it fits well under my frame. For more capacity I'll just bring an other liter in a PET/glass bottle or some sort of.

What might change :

- I'm looking for a perfect mix of pot/pan combo.
- Rather die than changing my stove.

primus multifuel

- Bottles : 2x Zefal magnum 1L + Zefal antartica 70cl + Elite speed drink 1L
- Bladder : Ortlieb 10L
- Walter filters : Steripen ultra USB + Sawyer mini

The hydration kit, what about it :

Very satisfy of my filtration kit. For clean water I use the steripen, and if it's dirty ish I can use the sawyer to pre filter it.
- No doubt, the usb version of the steripens is the one. Free hassle.
- I dont think is any perfect solution in term of water purification system. Price, weight, bulk, practiticy, versality. Lot of possibilities, lots of solution. But try to keep it simple and stick to what clearly fit to your use.
- Considering that you can use you filter every day for a fair amount of liters, you should mind the practicity side of each solution.

- I have two 1L bottles on the handlebar and 2 strapped on the front rack somewhere. wich means almost 4L right to my hand. For some nights I just refill those bottles who are enough for food, dishes, tooth brushing, drinkable water and coffee.
- I might got a couple of other liters somehow. I don't necessary need to increase my water carriage capacity but I'm somtimes too lazy to use the bladder.
- Considering the bladder, the ortlieb version is perfect. Lighter and cheaper than the MSR one. And I carry it since a fair 5 years now, not a single problem so far.

- Kinda easy to strap the bladder somewhere anyway, but but but, I'd rather stick to bottle as soon as I can. Straight forward process.
- Could be use as a shower tho, and with the "tap", you can control the flow easily.
- Cheap, light and reliable 10L capacity bladder. Say no more...


What might change :

- Quit hard to find 1l bottles. I might get 2 more zefal magnum black but sounds difficult in NZ

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